Cloud Mining Review, ROI and Profitability Calculator


Genesis Mining Review

  • BTC: 1 TH/s = $150 (LT)
  • LTC: 1 MH/s= $14 (2Y)
  • Code: "allcloud" 3%


Hashflare Review

  • BTC: 1 TH/s = $150 (1Y)
  • LTC: 1 MH/s= $7.5 (1Y)
  • Discount code expired


ViaBTC Review

  • BTC: 1 TH/s=$199 (LT)
  • LTC: 1 MH/s= $5.9 (LT)
  • Discount code:  ✘

Best Cloud Mining ROI

At Allcloudminers we always put our customers first and we want to publish the best cloud mining ROI. We do that by presenting our own cloud mining calculations from our own cloud mining contracts. We publish results from the contracts under each category and under each cloud mining provider.

Cloud Mining Calculator

Allcloudminers uses our own contracts to publish a cloud mining calculator. The purpose of the cloud mining calculator is too simple for you to estimate your own cloud mining profitability and ROI. We are completely transparent with our calculations and all numbers are published.

Contracts and reviews

Allcloudminers are built up of two main categories, contracts, and reviews. Under each coin in the head menu, you can read about different contracts. From there you find which companies that supply the specific contract. If you are looking for Ethereum cloud mining contracts. Select Ethereum cloud mining in the head menu. After this, find the best cloud mining service. At the front page, we have already listed the best services.

Cloud Mining Algorithms

Each cryptocurrency is designed by an underlying hash algorithm. Read more about differ cloud mining algorithms here.

About Allcloudminers

We started to invest in cloud mining 2014. We have experienced many scams and now we list cloud mining reviews from the legit companies. Read about cloud mining and cloud mining risks before you make any investment. Read up-to-date news, calculations and other information in our cloud mining blog.

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