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Cloud Mining Reviews

We present cloud mining reviews in a list below. The list includes only companies we have used ourselves. As can been seen, one review of each cloud miner is published. There are a few different type of contracts. Some companies offer lifetime contracts but those will only run as long as profitable. In conclusion, these should not be considered as a lifetime. The expected lifetime of these contracts is 1-3 years. In our Genesis mining review you can read about cloud mining contracts for Bitcoin, Ethereum, Zcash and X 11 Dash. We write also write about contracts for Ethereum, Zcash and Scrypto cloud mining in our Hashflare review.

Cloud Mining Tips

Allcloudminers have summarized a few tips for from our cloud mining reviews. We have invested in 30-40 different cloud mining companies the last 3 years. We have divided the companies as legit, doubtful and definitely scams. The legit companies are well known in the community as transparent and real mining companies. Remember that those also can fail, as for example MiningSweden. The companies listed in the doubtful category runs a company that makes payments as a legit cloud mining company. However, we have noticed some uncertainties in different communities about these companies. Be careful. In the bottom, we have a list of companies that are 100 % scams that we have invested in. Don´t ever invest in those. We recommend Genesis Mining as it is the most transparent cloud mining company.

Legit Cloud Miners

Here is a list of what we consider as legit cloud miners 2016. Below we have a list of more doubtful companies.

Genesis Mining Review

Genesis Mining Review logo


Genesis Mining Review

Buy Genesis Mining Contracts

Hashflare Review

Hashflare review logo


Hashflare Review

Buy Hashflare Contracts

ViaBTC Review



ViaBTC Review

Go to ViaBTC




Hashing24 Review

Buy Hashing24 contracts

Minergate Review



Minergate Review

Minergate Free Mining

Eobot Review

Eobot cloud mining review logo


Eobot Review

Buy Eobot Contracts

Mining Rig Rentals Review



Mining Rig Rentals Review

Rent a Rig

Nicehash Review

Nicehash review logo


NiceHash Review

Buy NiceHash Cloud Mining

BW Cloud Mining Review

BW cloud mining review logo


BW Cloud Mining Review

Buy BW Mining Contracts




Bter Review

Bter Review


Bter Review

Invest in Bter

Hashnest Review

Hashnest review logo


HashNest Review

Go to HashNest

New Cloud Mining Companies

Here are some new cloud mining companies. We have not published them with the others because they don't have a history yet. Also, they have a more controversial reputation on forums and other review sites.

Gigahash ReviewBuy Gigahash Contracts
HalleyBTC ReviewBuy HalleyBTC Cloud Mining
OXBTC ReviewBuy OXBTC Cloud Mining
Gainbitcoin ReviewBuy Gainbitcoin contract
Bitminer.EuBuy Bitminer Contracts


Cloud Mining Scams

Here are companies we have experienced as cloud mining scams.

Biteminer Review

Hashocean Review

Bitsrapid Review

CLDmine Review




Cloud Mining Website

Nexus mining







Cloud mining Bitcoin

Cloud mining bitcoin is a perfect choice if you want to earn bitcoin. You invest in bitcoin mining but don´t handle the hardware. Cloud mining means you hire or buy the bitcoin mining equipment from a company. The company runs the bitcoin miners for you. For the service, the company grabs a part of your profit. They do this to cover for maintenance and electrical cost. However, there are a few risks with bitcoin cloud mining. There are many Ponzi schemes out there. There are also a few companies running old equipment. Therefore, the ROI can be hard to get positive. We have a list of cloud mining reviews from the best companies. We also offer cloud mining bonuses.

Cloud mining blog

Our latest blog posts from our cloud mining blog

Cloud mining Profits

Cloud mining profits rely heavily on two factors. These are the bitcoin price and the mining difficulty. If you want to read more about bitcoin cloud mining you can check out our page "cloud mining". You find this in the footer menu. You need a bitcoin wallet to receive payouts. We recommend COINBASE ($10 bonus).

Ethereum Cloud Mining

Ethereum cloud mining reviews are also presented. Ether cloud mining is possible Genesis miningHashflare, OXBTC and Minergate.The contracts run for 1 year.

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