Bitsrapid offline

November 16, 2016 admin

Bitsrapid offline


Bitsrapid offline

Bitsrapid site is offline. Is this the end of another huge cloud mining scam. Unfortunately, it´s probably a scam. We put little hope in that they will return. Cointelegraph even writes that Bitsrapid and Hashocean probably have the same creators behind them. Cointelegraph writes in the same article that hackers try to track Hashocean creators. Read our posts about Hashocean offline and Hashocean, legit or scam?


Bitsrapid scam

Bitsrapid is probably a scam. The site was very similar to Hashocean and some texts were even copied as described in our Bitsrapid review. 


Bitsrapid cloud mining company

Bitsrapid had abnormal high payouts, almost exactly the same payouts as Hashocean. We know many review sites ranked Bitsrapid as a trustful company before Hashocean went down. However, we have always listed them on our “doubtful list” since we had our suspicions. We recommended to make small investments and we hope you did. Always remember that in the future with doubtful cloud mining companies as well.


Bitsrapid Updates

We will continuously update this page with news and articles about Bitsrapid. Also, write about your own experience in our comment field. We saw that was appreciated with Hashocean.


Legit cloud mining companies

Remember that it´s not risk-free to invest in a legit cloud mining company either. We recommend Genesis Mining SHA-256 contracts right now. But keep in mind that the Bitcoin halving will take place in mid-July.

Genesis Mining Review

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We have also just started to use a new cloud mining company, BW cloud mining. That looks promising.

BW cloud mining review

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Alternative investments

Check these links for alternative investments with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.


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With Bleutrade you can buy Bleutrade shares on their exchange and receive dividends twice a day.


Bitfinex for margin funding. Here you can get up to around 10 % ROI when you lend your Ether to margin traders. The investment is ranked as low risk.