Cloud Mining News Aug 2016

November 16, 2016 admin

Cloud Mining News Aug 2016


Cloud Mining News Aug 2016

We here present new from cloud mining companies in Aug 2016. Genesis Mining has reduced Ether prices. Hashflare has cut their electricity fees. Eobot has updated their security routines. OXBTC has launched new contracts.



Genesis Mining News Aug 2016

Genesis Mining has announced good news in Aug 2016. The company has the largest Ether mining warm in the world. They consistently work to make the contracts more efficiently. In Aug 2016 Genesis Mining reduced the prices on Ether cloud mining contracts. The new prices are.


  • 1 MH/s $33 USD
  • 30 MH/s $930 USD
  • 100 MH/s $2,900 USD


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Hashflare Cloud Mining News Aug 2016

Hashflare has announced reduced fees in Aug 2016. The company has reduced the maintenance and electricity fee. As a result, Hashflare has reduced the price for SHA-256 contracts with 25 %. We also have sale offers on Hashflare contracts right now.

Use the code HF16SHA10WH before 15.08.16 to receive 10 % discount on SHA-256 contracts. Minimum is 1 TH/s


Use the code HF16ETHASH20M before 15.08.16 to receive 20 % discount on Ether cloud mining contracts. Minimum 1 MH/s.


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Eobot Cloud Mining News Aug 2016

Eobot has updated their security routines because Bitfinex was hacked.

The company has taken a few steps to ensure the site is always safe:

1-Eobot have turned on 2FA for all users, if you want to disable it you can always do so using your Profile
2-They have a hack wallet worth 741 BTC in the event they get hacked
3-They have added a new feature to email you any IP address, if it is the first time logging into your account with that IP address

As a final reminder, never use the same password on any other websites, and make sure 2FA is also turned on for your email/bank accounts/etc. You should never store your coins on an exchange, so let us know if you need any help securing your coins in your own local wallets!


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OXBTC cloud mining news Aug 2016

OXBTC has launched new contracts with good prices in Aug 2016.



  • Price: $0.099/GHS
  • Maintenance service fees: 10% of mining income
  • Electricity cost: $0.00035/GHS/Day



  • Price: $16/MHS
  • Maintenance service fees: 10% of mining income
  • Electricity cost:: $0.0195/MHS/Day


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Best Cloud Mining Companies

We always recommend Genesis Mining as the best cloud mining company. They are the most transparent cloud mining company.

Genesis Mining Promo code: “allcloud” 3% off

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