Cloud Mining Sale

December 19, 2016 admin

Cloud Mining Sale

Cloud Mining Sale on Hashflare

Hashflare has announced a Christmas sale on cloud mining contracts. Hashflare offers discounts from 17 %. This offer only includes limited hashrate. We have Hashflare review and cloud mining calculator. Go direct to Hashflare and buy contracts.

Genesis Mining Discount

As always, we offer a 3% discount on any contract at Genesis Mining. Genesis Mining is one of the largest cloud mining companies. We have a Genesis Mining review and cloud mining calculator. Genesis Mining promo code is “allcloud”. Go direct to Genesis Mining and buy contracts.


New Cloud Mining companies

We have added a few extra cloud mining companies lately. Minergate is a company that offers web mining, CPU mining, GPU mining and mobile mining. With their software, you can easily mine with your own equipment. Go and read Minergate review or go directly to Minergate and start mining.

Miningrigrentals is a place that connects hardware owners with hardware rentals. This is similar to what Nicehash offers. Go to Miningrigrental and rent a rig or lend you mining equipment for someone else. Read our Miningrigrental review.

VIAbtc is one of the largest mining pools and now they offer cloud mining contracts. Read our VIAbtc review or go directly to VIAbtc and buy cloud mining contracts.

Pow88 is a cloud mining company that has existed for a while. However, their site has been hard to understand because it has only been in Chinese before. Go to Pow88 and buy cloud mining contracts.


We always are looking for new cloud mining companies. Please email us at [email protected] if you know any legit cloud mining companies. Also, we are interested in Bitcoin mining hardware producers of manufacturers. Don’t be foolish and believe cloud mining companies can pay you 1% profit per day or something similar. We often get emails that ask if such services are a scam. Of course, they are a scam.