Bitcoin Cloud mining calculator 2017

January 4, 2017 admin

bitcoin cloud mining calculator 2017

Bitcoin cloud mining calculator 2017, 2017-01-04

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Bitcoin Cloud Mining Calculator 2017

In this article we will present calculations from new cloud mining providers. We have just started to use ViaBTC and Hashing24. We will publish our calculations from those cloud mining contracts.

ViaBTC cloud mining calculation

ViaBTC Pool is the 5th largest mining pool and was started on June 5, 2016. The smallest contract to but is 1 TH/s which costs 0.2 BTC. We receive about 0.00062 BTC / day in earnings. This means we will break even in 0.2/0.00062 = 322 days approximately.

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This is an extraction from our payouts.

DateYieldExchange RateElectricity CostManage FeeEarning
2017-01-030.000786797364.78 CNY0.000114050.00004720.00062554
2017-01-020.000791677424.93 CNY0.000113130.00004750.00063104
2017-01-010.000773746974 CNY0.000120440.000046420.00060688
2016-12-310.000798256791.56 CNY0.000123680.000047890.00062668
2016-12-300.000797836829.64 CNY0.000122990.000047860.00062698
2016-12-290.000792156883.96 CNY0.000122020.000047520.00062261
2016-12-280.000800576799.98 CNY0.000123520.000048030.00062902
2016-12-270.000820956687.6 CNY0.00012560.000049250.0006461
2016-12-260.000800486489.85 CNY0.000129430.000048020.00062303


Hashing24 is a new cloud mining provider that offers cloud mining contracts in collaboration with Minergate. The smallest contract to buy is 1000 GH/s which costs $183=0.17 BTC. This gives a daily income of approximately 0.0005 BTC/day. This results in a break even in about 320 days, almost exactly the same as ViaBTC.

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We have older cloud mining calculations published. However, since the Bitcoin price has exploded the last month it´s hard to compare the calculations with these calculations.