Compare Genesis Mining and Hashflare

February 26, 2017 admin

Compare Genesis Mining and HashflareCompare Genesis Mining and Hashflare







Compare Genesis Mining and Hashflare. Contracts, payouts and profitability.

Genesis Mining Review

Hashflare Review

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Compare Genesis Mining and Hashflare

Genesis Mining and Hashflare are two of the largest cloud mining providers. They both have several different contracts. However, the price and payouts and differ between the two companies. We will compare cost and payouts between Genesis Mining and Hashflare. Also, we have added two newcomers in cloud mining Hashing24 and ViaBTC.


Cloud Mining Contracts

Both Genesis Mining and Hashflare has cloud mining contracts for SHA 256, Scrypt (Litecoin), Ether, Zcash and X 11 Dash. All contracts are included in the table below.


Payouts and maintenance fee

However, just to compare the costs are not fair since the payouts and maintenance fees can also differ. We have published payouts and also maintenance fee in the table below. All contracts without maintenance fee in the table are already written in net payouts.


ViaBTC and Hashing24

ViaBTC and Hashing24 are two relative new cloud mining providers. They offer only Bitcoin cloud mining and we have included them in the calculation.

ViaBTC review

Hashing24 review

Genesis MiningHashflareViaBTCHashing24
SHA 256 (TH/s)3,19380,0511
X 11 (MH/s)11,24252  
Ether (MH/s)3,53250,2  
Scrypt (Mhs)0,082  
Zcash (H/s)0,98870,1  
SHA 256, (BTC)0,000767270,000027570,00048750,00033619
X 11, (BTC)0,000104212,05714285714286E-005  
Ether, (BTC)0,000102057,47467532467533E-006  
Scrypt, (BTC)0,000001720,00003501  
Zcash, (BTC)2,9241038961039E-0062,76441558441558E-007  
SHA 2560,00024023730,00055140,00048750,00033619
X 119,26929063820325E-0061,02857142857143E-005  
SHA 2560,000307  
X 11  
SHA 256 (BTC)0,12987012990,10389610390,160,15
X 11 (BTC)0,00432900430,0027705628  
Ether (BTC)0,02510822510,0257142857  
Scrypt (BTC)0,01038961040,0070995671  
Zcash (BTC)0,00606060610,0173160173  
Break even daysGenesis MiningHashflareViaBTCHashing24
SHA 256 Ths541425328446
X 11467269  

Break even days is the most important factor to compare. This indicate how long it takes to get returns that cover the initial cost of the contract.