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Best Cloud Mining companies are presented. The companies are compared with ROI, stable payouts and transparency.

Best Cloud Mining Company

Allcloudminers has isolated a few parameters to determine the best cloud mining company. Of course, no company is best for all parameters. We have identified which cloud mining company is the best on each of the relevant parameter. The parameters we present are, return on investment (ROI), stable payouts over time (reliability) and transparency. Transparency is very imported since there are many scams in the cloud mining industry.

Best Cloud Mining ROI

The best cloud mining ROI changes all the time. We follow this topic continuously and update this in our blog. Our latest blog posts about cloud mining calculation are:

Cloud Mining ROI

The cloud mining ROI is an obvious parameter when to compare and select the best cloud miner. The ROI can be hard to compare since you need to do it over a long time. We have logged the payouts from all cloud miners presented on the main page. Of all these cloud miners Genesis Mining has performed best over 1.5 years. It´s hard to calculate an exact ROI since we have bought several contracts during the period. Some contracts have also run out of profitability. However, Genesis mining has told us their estimated yearly ROI is 15 % for their contracts. But if the Bitcoin price rises the ROI can be higher. The numbers well correlate with our contracts. Hashflare has worked hard to reduce their electricity fees and their contracts are now good as well. ViaBTC was the best Bitcoin cloud mining contract in our latest Bitcoin cloud mining calculation.

Cloud Mining Stable Payouts

We want to know how much the payouts could fluctuate and how stable the payouts are. We have seen that Genesis Mining´s payouts rely heavily on the Bitcoin price and the mining difficulty. However, we have not experienced the same fluctuations from Bter. Bter´s daily payouts correspond to 4-12 % yearly ROI. You can also check our BW cloud mining review and HalleyBTC review if you are looking for more stable payouts.

Cloud mining transparency

There are also a few other parameters you can consider when to evaluating the best cloud miner. Many users like transparency and communication to their customers. We would say Genesis Mining is the best operator in transparency and communication with the customers.

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