Biteminer Payment Problem

Biteminer Payment Problem

Nov 30, 2017 • 14:42

Biteminer Payment Problem

We are experiencing problems with payments from Biteminer. We haven´t be paid for over a week even our balance is more than 0.05 BTC. We have tried to contact Biteminer via email without result. For us, this looks like a scam.

Biteminer site has always looked like Hashocean and in our Biteminer review, we have always been skeptic about this company. Biteminer payouts excess normal payouts from other cloud mining companies with a good marginal.

We have also seen on forums and on other review sites that there are several investors missing out on payments.


Biteminer Scam

Is too early to say that Biteminer is scam. However, we have experienced many cloud mining scam and this looks exactly like one of them. If this is true, there will be no way to get your investment back.


Legit Cloud Mining

We have always recommended Genesis Mining as a legit cloud mining company. There is no guarantee your investment will give you positive return but at least they will not rob you. We always have a Genesis Mining promo code for 3 % discount which is: “allcloud”. Read our Genesis Mining Review.


Other Bitcoin Investments

Many people also look into alternative ways to invest Bitcoin since there are so many scams in cloud mining. We have invested in all kind of different investment methods for cryptocurrencies. We have tested peer to peer lending, margin funding, interest account and other investment plans. We would say peer to peer lending is in its early stage and our account has suffered a bit from this. You don’t need to stress to invest in this business. We have experienced a good and stable return on margin funding with Bitfinex. Read Bitfinex Review.

Also, we have stable payouts from interest account with Magnr and Bter. Read our Bter Review or Magnr Review. For other Margin Funding opportunities, you can check our Poloniex review.

If you are interested in peer to peer lending we recommend Bitbond. Read the Bitbond review.

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