Biteminer Review


Biteminer Review

Biteminer Payment Problem

Biteminer Review Summary

  • ROI(yearly): 100%
  • Mining contract: Lifetime
  • Payouts: Daily
  • Payment methods: Bitcoin
  • Cost: Market price
  • Minimum investment: $6
  • Allcloudminers rating: ★★✰✰✰

Biteminer Review Company

There is little information about the Biteminer cloud mining company on their site. They have two data centers located in San Fransisco and Singapore. Biteminer has high earning power and one of the best payouts of all cloud mining companies. We have used the service since June 2016 and received daily payouts. We are very skeptical about this company since it looks much like Hashocean and Bitsrapid. Biteminer support is available via email and they also have an F.A.Q.

Biteminer Payouts

We have invested in 20 KH/s and received 15 KH/s for free and receive daily payouts.

Our view on Biteminer

Our view on Biteminer is sceptical. There are too many similarities with the scams like Hashocean and Bitsrapid. There are too many questions whether this is a legit cloud miner or not. They have paid us for a month now but this doesn´t give any kind of indication that this would be a legit cloud miner. We think you should be conservative when investing into this company. They provide a free cloud mining contract of 15 KH/s. If you really like to invest, go for the free contract and invest the smallest amount. Reinvest the profit from here.

Biteminer Risks

There are some risks you should consider before investing in Biteminer. Biteminer may have large payouts but this could indicate scam warning. They have low scores on transparency and trustfulness. Biteminer has a low rate on scamadvisor and Biteminer is missing photos or videos from their mining farms. Be careful when investing in this company. .

Biteminer Hashrate

Biteminer started their cloud mining services in 2016-02-24. Biteminer present their mining payouts which is (2016-07-27)


Last 30 Days Average

0.00538200BTC/Day per MH/s
Last 24 Hours Average

0.00386000BTC/Day per MH/s