Biteminer Scam

Biteminer Scam

Nov 30, 2017 • 14:42

Biteminer scam is down

Finally Biteminer site is down and everything points towards another cloud mining scam. We have always reported this as a suspious cloud mining comapny. Also, the 30th of November wu published Biteminer payment problems. We think it´s impossible to get any invested money back. We hope you didn´t invest too much money in this site. Always remember to read reviews and compare payouts before you invest in cloud mining companies. Cloud mining is, unfortunately, a perfect business to create Ponzi schemes in. However, if you still are interested in cloud mining there are legit cloud mining sites. They will not guarantee a certain payout rate or any profit at all but you will at least have a fair chance.

Legit cloud mining

We have our home page with cloud mining reviews from different legit cloud mining companies. We classify them as legit since they have operated a while, we have tested them, they have a good reputation on forums and they don´t promise unachievable ROI. However, there is no guarantee all cloud mining companies we classify as legit really are legit either.

Genesis Mining Review

One of the largest and most trustful cloud mining companies are Genesis Mining. We have a Genesis Mining review with payout charts and calculations from different contracts. We also have certain calculations in out blog.

Hashflare Review

We has a good Hashflare Review with approximated ROI and payout graphs.

Other cloud mining reviews

We also has reviews from other cloud mining companies such as

Eobot cloud mining review

Nicehash cloud mining review

Minergate cloud mining review


Free cloud mining

We have a good page about free cloud mining. Read about how you can get some extra coins from free cloud mining. Of course, this is really small amounts since they are free.

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