Bter Review Summary

  • ROI(yearly): 5-12 %
  • Mining contract: No time restrictions
  • Payouts: Daily
  • Payment methods: Bitcoin
  • Cost: -
  • Minimum investment: -
  • Allcloudminers rating: ★★★★✰

Bter review Company

Bter is primarily a Chinese Bitcoin exchange. However, they also provide an investment program in cloud mining. Bter has a nice but primitive platform. It´s easy to navigate the menus are well coordinated. Bter offers you to buy and sell in many different crypto markets. They offer interest on almost every cryptocoin account. This interest rate is between 0.1-2.5% and changes all the time. The interest needs to be collected every 24 h. You reach support by email.

Bter Investment Program

Bter offers an investment plan. That means you can deposit into an account at Bter. Bter´s partner JUA Fund Management invest the funds. They invest the funds in a large mining farms. Everyday interest is deposited to your account. The interest corresponds to 5-12 % yearly ROI. We have invested in the investment plan since late 2015. We have received daily interest rate. The interest rate has been 10-12 % yearly ROI. We consider Bter investment as low risk. It´s possible to withdraw the investment at any point.

Our view on Bter

Our view on Bter is positive. We have used the exchange service and invested in the cloud mining. The exchange service liquidity is ok but not the best. The cloud mining investment plan delivers daily interest rate as expected. It´s possible to deposit and withdraw any amount at any point which is great.

Bter Investment Payouts

We have collected daily payout rates from Bter´s investment program every day since start. The interest rate declined after the Bitcoin halving. Now the payouts are around 2.5 % per year in daily payouts.

Bter Exchange

Bter´s main service is an exchange platform. However, the liquidity is quite low and the exchange rate usually higher than the more liquid exchanges, such as Bitfinex. On the positive side Bter offer interest rate on many if the altcoin accounts. You can collect this interest every 24 h and the rate is usually between 0.1- 2 % yearly interest.