BW Cloud Mining Review

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BW Cloud Mining Summary

  • ROI(yearly): 15-40 %
  • Mining contract: Tradeable, Interest wallet
  • Payouts: Daily after 20 days
  • Payment methods: Bitcoin
  • Cost: Market price or 0.063 for 0.18 T
  • Minimum investment: 0.18 T
  • Allcloudminers rating: ★★★★✰

BW Cloud Mining Company was established in Aug. 2014. BW was co-founded by one of the largest miner manufacturers in the world, LK Group, Ltd and one of the largest exchanges in the world, BW provides users a simple, professional, safe and efficient mining platform. BW covers different services including mining chip development, miner manufacturing and selling, mining pool, Bitcoin cloud mining services and an interest bearing wallet.

BW Cloud Mining Contracts

We bought 0.18 Terahash cloud mining contract in June 2016. The daily payouts are around 0.35 mBTC / day. The cost is 63 mBTC and the calculated time to break even is 180 days. The time will probably be longer due to more competitors in the mining industry. Also, the Bitcoin halving in July will affect the mining payout. We will update our BW cloud mining review with payouts and ROI continuously.

BW Cloud Mining Payouts

We bought 0.23 T in hashrate for 0.099 Bitcoin the summer 2016. The payouts are 0.47 mBTC / day and this will mean a break even time of 210 days.

BW interest wallet

BW offer interest wallet in three different cryptocurrencies. The interest wallet gives you a fixed return on investment. The asset is liquid and you have the ability to withdraw your investment at any time.

Bitcoin interest wallet : 7.5 % annual

Litecoin interest wallet: 5.7 % annual

Dogecoin interest wallet: 3.7 % annual

BW cloud mining risks

There are different risks with different cloud mining contracts. We will explain this right here in our BW cloud mining review. BW offers tradeable shares and interest wallet. Both are less risk than fixed length contract since you always have the chance to withdraw your investment. Interest wallet is even less risk than tradeable shares because there is no price fluctuation of the asset. Because of the low risk, the return on investments is also a bit lower.