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Dash cloud mining contracts from Genesis Mining and Hashflare

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Dash Cloud Mining

Dash cloud mining uses a different algorithm than SHA-256 and Scrypt. Dash and Peercoin are based on an algorithm called X 11 and therefore it´s sometimes referred to as X 11 cloud mining. X11 is a relatively new proof-of-work algorithm. The algorithm uses X 11 different rounds of hashes to secure the network and the transactions. X 11 was designed specifically for cryptocurrencies and therefore it has one of the most sophisticated cryptographic hashes in use. The algorithm uses a multi-hash system which means that in order for the system to fail, all eleven hashes must fail at the same time. The probability for this event to happen is very close to zero. This makes the X 11 algorithm very secure and in the future we might see more cryptocurrencies moving into X 11.

Dash Cloud Mining Contracts

There are only two companies offering Dash cloud mining contracts for the moment. The contract length, contract price, and maintenance fees are different between the contracts. Genesis Mining offers 2-year contracts without maintenance included. Hashflare offers 1-year contracts with all fees included.

X 11 Cloud Mining Contracts

X 11 cloud mining contracts are the same as Dash cloud mining contracts but X 11 can mine more coins than just Dash. It´s the same with Scrypt cloud mining contract that can mine more coins than just Litecoin. Also, SHA 256 cloud mining contracts can mine more coins than just Bitcoin.

Genesis Mining Dash cloud mining

Genesis mining dash cloud miningGenesis Mining´s Dash cloud mining contracts are for 2 years. They are special because they automatical mine the most profitable X 11 coin for the moment. Dash, Startcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Peercoin and Namecoin.These contracts are among the most profitable in the cloud mining industry in Aug 2016.

Hashflare Dash Cloud Mining

Hashflare dash cloud miningHashflare offers 1 year Dash cloud mining contracts.Hashflare presale the contracts right now and they will start mining 2016-09-15. The minimum order is 1 MH/S for $6.

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