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Earn ether interest

There are a few different ways to earn Ether interest or income.

  • Margin Funding
  • Cloud Mining
  • Saving account

Ether Cloud Mining

Ether Cloud mining have become popular as a complement to Bitcoin cloud mining. There are fewer actors offering Ether cloud mining. We have listed the cloud mining companies with cloud mining on Ethereum network. We will continuously update with our own payouts on our own investments in each cloud mining company.

Ether Margin Funding

Ether Margin funding is a way of Ether peer-to-peer lending. You lend your Ether holdings to another person. That person needs the Ethers to trade with. The company that connects the two parts is an Ether trading company. The reason the trader want to borrow money is to trade with leverage. That means the trader can take a position worth $300 but invest only invest $100 and borrow $200, for example. Your money is at risk but the risk is limited since the trading software has automatic stops if the trade loses too much. The trading companies have good software with a good margin to avoid any losses for the lenders. We think an interest of 10-15 % which is quite easy to get is worth the risk. Companies offering Ether margin funding is Bitfinex and Poloniex. Bitfinex has much more loan opportunities on the Ether market than Poloniex.

Ether Saving Account

Ether saving account is a safe way to earn Ether. There is no pure saving account on the Ethereum network so far. However, Bter offers interest on your Ether holdings. It´s possible to collect the interest once every 24 h. If you collect it every day it corresponds to 0.7-1 % ROI per year.

Best Cloud Mining

Genesis Mining

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Genesis Mining Review