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Earn Free Ether

Earn Passive Ether

There are a few Ether faucets. However, they are a waste of time. If you are looking for Ether passive income check this out.

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Earn Free Ether Summary

New faucets where it´s possible to earn free Ether start to show up. These are similar to Bitcoin free faucets, but you earn free Ether instead of Bitcoin. The faucets are like a simple human verification process. You receive some free Ether because you visit a site with an advertisement on. To avoid spam traffic from bots, you need to verify that you are human. Directly after the verification process, you earn some Ether. After a specified time interval, it´s possible to do the same process. The specified time is usually between 5-15 minutes.

Ether faucet companies

At the present time, there are not so many free Ether companies yet. However, they have started to show up and will continue to grow. We will follow the development of these faucets and publish new ones whenever we find one. If you miss any Ether faucet or if you have one yourself, please contact us.

Ethereum Network

Ethereum is a decentralized platform. The platform consists of a computer made of many computers around the world. These computers check each other´s results and make sure all applications runs exactly as programmed. Furthermore, the computers run without any possibility of downtime, fraud or third party interference. Anyone can run programs on the platform and only pay for what they use with Ether.

Ether Currency

The currency unit of the Ethereum platform is called Ether. It is traded on cryptocurrency exchanges like any other cryptocurrency. It´s used inside Ethereum platform to pay for computational services on the network.



Get free 8660 - 57757200 Gweis which equals 0.000008660-0.057757200 Ether every claim. You can make a claim every 10 minutes.

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Claim free Ethereum every 5 minutes. You get 0.00000293-0.0166131 free Ether every 5 minutes.

Free Ethereum Faucet



CoinSNS is a bitcoin social network. You can claim free Ether and free Bitcoin every 10 minutes. You get 0.0001 free ETH in basic bonus. You will receive extra bonus x times the basic bonus dependent on your activity on the social network.

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It´s possible to claim free Ethereum every 5 minutes.

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Free Ether every 5 minutes.

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Faucetether.orgearn-free-ether-faucether.orgClaim free Ethereum every 5 minutes.

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