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Free Cloud Mining

Bitcoin Cloud Mining

Free Bitcoin cloud mining is a waste of time. Read our blog post about most profitable cloud mining contracts instead.

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Free Cloud Mining Summary

Cloud mining contracts for free are not very common. However, there are a few companies that offer different kinds of free cloud mining. Of course, nothing is completely free, and we will explain for you why these companies offer free cloud mining. There are different kinds of free cloud mining as well. Some companies offer free cloud mining contracts, free virtual cloud mining or free CPU cloud mining.

We have stopped writing about free cloud mining contracts. We experienced it was only scamming that offered free cloud mining contracts. Read about free virtual cloud mining and free CPU, GPU, the web and mobile mining instead.

Free cloud mining companies

Free Cloud Mining Profits

The other free cloud mining services will produce smaller profits. Minerfarm is like a passive bitcoin faucet where advertisement pays your profits. Bitzfree is also a bitcoin faucet game created as a virtual cloud mining company. You need to take care of your equipment. Minergate uses software that let you mine different coins with your CPU and GPU. However, this is not super productive, and you must think of it as a hobby or believe in a rise of the coin price to receive profits from this.

Free Cloud Mining Activity

Minergate is also passive but you need to setup the software and run it. This is done in 5 min. Minerfarm is also very passive, at least compare to other bitcoin faucet games. You need to log in and look after your mining equipment. You might need to reboot it or buy energy for it. Bitzfree can be a passive game but the creators have invented a cool feature to activate the users. It´s possible to hack other inactive users and get their mining power.

Free Cloud Mining Withdraws

There is different limitations on withdrawals from the free cloud mining services. Minergate has no withdrawal limits. Minerfarm has a withdrawal fee of 0.0005 BTC which is quite high for a faucet game. Minerfarm has no other restrictions on withdrawals. Bitzfree has a limitation of  0.0125 BTC which is even higher to be a faucet game.

Free Cloud Mining Strategy

Our recommended strategy on free cloud mining is conservative. We, ourselves,  have started small and plan to grow our profits. From there you can reinvest the profit. Minerfarm and Bitzfree will also give you a free deal to start. Register and start mining, reinvest your profits. With Minergate you can set up your equipment and start mining. Calculate the electrical cost and compare to the mining profit and evaluate if it´s worth it.


Cloud Mining Discounts

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Allcloudminers will always have available discount codes for the users. With Genesis Mining we have a standard 3 % discount promo code which you can always use. With the other cloud mining companies, we sometimes run campaigns and publish temporary discount codes.

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Genesis Mining Review

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