Hashflare Review Summary

  • Hashflare Cloud Mining ROI(yearly): 5-20 % Estimated
  • Mining contract: Lifetime, 1 year
  • Payouts: Daily
  • Payment methods: Bitcoin, Credit card, Wire transfer, Webmoney, Payeer
  • Hashflare Cloud Mining contracts: Bitcoin, X11, Zcash, Scrypt, Ethereum
  • Allcloudminers rating: ★★★★✰

Hashflare Review Company

Hashflare is a European bitcoin cloud mining company. The company started in July 2013 and the cloud mining operations in April 2015. Hashflare is a part of HashCoins that manufactures ASIC bitcoin miners. The company has their office in Tallinn, Estonia. Hashflare offers lifetime bitcoin mining contracts (as long as profitable). The cloud mining company has provided a lot of technical information about their mining facilities. They have also published photos from the mining farm.

Hashflare Review Platform

The platform is easy to navigate on but can be a bit slow. Hashflare offers two-factor authentication. Hashflare has a blog. The Hashflare dashboard is informative with revenue forecasts. All transaction history is available which we think is a sign of transparency. Hashflare platform is translated into many different languages. Hashflare has 5 years of bitcoin mining experience. The cloud mining company has links to a Media archive with Hashflare related articles. Cointelegraph has published several articles about Hashflare.

Hashflare payouts and fees 2015-2016

Hashflare payouts and fees 2015-2016

The diagram illustrates our payouts and fees from our 40 GH/s contract at Hashflare from May 2015 to May 2016. We bought 30 GH/s in May 2015 and 10 extra GH/s in Aug 2016. The payout size has decreased significantly.

Hashflare total earnings 2015-2016

Hashflare review total earnings 2015-2016

Out total earnings from our contracts of 40 GH/s. We have earned exactly 50 mBTC and the contracts have cost us 70 mBTC. The graph is for the first year, and we can clearly see that the return rate is much lower now than in the beginning. The question is if we ever break even.

Hashflare revenue forecast

Hashflare has revenue forecast for all their different contracts. However, they calculate these forecasts as the payouts would be stable over 1 year of time. We can clearly see that this is not the case in our graph. Also, 2016 there will be a halving in Bitcoin inflation. That means the mining reward will dramatically get lower.

Hashflare ROI Bitcoin contract 2016

Hashflare review bitcoin 2016


We bought 0.05 TH/s, SHA-256 hashrate on 7th Feb 2016 for 16.50 USD. In the revenue forecast, Hashflare predicts an ROI of 57 % of my invested funds. However, the bitcoin inflation rate will decrease and our other contracts have fallen in payout rate over time. We will update this contract. In the top graph, the payouts are displayed on the left side and on the right side is the total amount on the account.

Hashflare ROI Ether 2016

Hashflare review Ether 2016


We bought 0.1 MH/s, ETHASH hashrate on 11th May 2016 for 4.25 USD. According to the revenue forecast, we will receive an ROI of 5 %. However, if the Ether price rise we will probably see a higher ROI.

Hashflare ROI Scrypt contract 2016

Hashflare review Scrypt 2016


We bought 1 MH/s, Scrypt hashrate on 11th of May 2016 for 6.60 USD. We can see on the revenue forecast that we are supposed to get an ROI of 270 % which would be great. This is also dependant of the Scrypt coin prices.