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Hashflare Review with promo code, ROI, Calculations, payouts and profitability.

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Hashflare Review Summary

Bitcoin: 1000 GH/s = $120 (Lifetime Contract)

Maintenance fee BTC: 0.35 USD/day (1000 GH/s)

Litecoin: 10 MH/s = $135 (Lifetime Contract)

Maintenance fee LTC: $0.1  (10 MH/s)

DASH / X11: 100 MH/s = $580 (1 year contract)

Maintenance fee DASH: 0

Ethereum: 10 MH/s = $220 (1 year contract)

Maintenance fee ETH: 0

Zcash: 40 H/s = $800 (1 year contract)

Maintenance fee Zcash: 0

Hashflare Review Company

Hashflare is a European Bitcoin cloud mining company. The company started in July 2013 and the cloud mining operations in April 2015. Hashflare is a part of HashCoins that manufacturers ASIC Bitcoin miners. The company has their office in Tallinn, Estonia. The cloud mining company has provided a lot of technical information about their mining facilities. Also, they have photos from the mining farm on their site. Hashflare offers two-factor authentication and has a blog. In addition, the Hashflare dashboard is informative with revenue forecasts and all transaction history is available. Hashflare platform is translated into many different languages. The cloud mining company has links to a Media archive with Hashflare related articles. Cointelegraph has published several articles about Hashflare.

Hashflare Bitcoin profitability 2017

  • Allcloudminers present Hashflare Bitcoin profitability 2017. At 2017-06-26 it would take 262 days to break even with our Bitcoin cloud mining contracts. However, the contracts are quite old and if you buy new ones you will probably see a  faster break-even.

Hashflare sells SHA 256 Bitcoin cloud mining lifetime contracts. The contracts have a maintenance fee. Once the maintenance fee is more than the profit the contracts are closed.

Hashflare Ethereum profitability 2017

  • Hashflare Ethereum profitability calculated at 2017-06-26. The break-even time was 407 days on our contracts.

The Ether cloud mining contracts are only 1-year contracts. No maintenance fees apply.

Hashflare Scrypt contracts profitability 2017

  • Hashflare Scrypt contract profitability 2017. The break-even time was only 228 days, 2017-06-26.

Hashflare Scrypt cloud mining contracts are lifetime contracts while Genesis Mining has 2-year Litecoin contracts. On the other hand, Genesis Mining has no maintenance fee. Maintenance fee is applied on the Hashflare Scrypt cloud mining contracts.

Hashflare X11 profitability 2017

  • Hashflare X11 profitability 2017 seems was the best Hashflare contract according to our calculations, 2017-06-26. The break-even time was 204 days. Therefore, this contract had the shortest break-even period.

Since the contracts are limited to 1-year contract, no maintenance fees apply. Dash price has been very volatile lately, as for all cryptos, so the calculations can vary a lot.

Hashflare Equihash profitability 2017

Hashflare Equihash profitability 2017 was the worst Hashflare contract according to calculations made 2017-06-26. The break-even period was over 757 days on a 1-year contract. No maintenance fees apply.




Hashflare maintenance fees

Hashflare has maintenance fees on their lifetime contracts. Bitcoin and Scrypt cloud mining contracts are sold as lifetime contracts with a maintenance fee.