HashNest Review

hashnest review cloud mining

Hashnest Review

HashNest Review Summary

  • ROI(yearly): -
  • Mining contract: Trade mining shares
  • Payouts: Daily
  • Payment methods: Bitcoin
  • Cost: Market price
  • Minimum investment: Market price
  • Allcloudminers rating: ★★★✰✰

HashNest Review Company

Hashnest is a cloud mining company. Hashnest is a part of Bitmain. Bitmain is a large manufacturer of bitcoin mining hardware. Hashnest has a mining farm in Mongolia, Sichuan. Hashnest itself, is located in China. Hashnest has operated since April 2014 and had in late 2015 over 30.0000 members. Hashnest has a nice platform. It´s easy to navigate. There is simple ways to buy and sell contracts. You get a good overview of the market and the open orders. Hashnest support i available via ticket form. They also have an extensive F.A.Q. section.

HashNest Cloud Mining Contracts

We have a divided view on the statistics from Hashnest cloud mining. There are two different of cloud mining investments. Tradable shares and fixed sum investment. The tradable shares are high risk since the investment can decrease and increase in value. The same goes for the payouts with these tradable shares. The fixed sum investments are a safer form. However, we have experienced big decreases in the payouts from these contracts. Hashnest has also stopped the selling of that product. Hashnest is a high risk investment. The trading shares can decrease in price for different reasons.

Our View On HashNest

Our first view on Hashnest was that it was a great cloud mining company. We experienced great payouts and great service. Unfortunately the payouts decreased very fast at the end of 2015. The payouts decreased since the mining difficulty had a sharp rise. However, we experienced that the payouts decreased more with Hashnest compared to the other cloud mining companies.

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