Mining Rig Rentals


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Mining Rig Rentals Review

Mining Rig Rentals Review

Mining Rig Rentals is a marketplace where people can list rigs for rental. It makes it a site for peer to peer cloud mining. Mining Rig Rentals offer many open statistics and a lot transparency for the customers.

Mining Rig Rentals Company is a service has been developed from the ground up by miners for the mining community. Mining Rig Rentals offers:

  • Daily payouts.
  • Follow your hashrate information
  • List your rig for rent
  • Rent a listed rig
  • Available support staff to aid you with any questions or issues.

Rent a Rig Pros

  1. Pay with Bitcoin
  2. 0 % Fee
  3. "Actual" hash rate is visible.
  4. Live Hashrate graphs on individual rig views.
  5. Rig rating system called RPI.
  6. Support system reviews all finished rentals.
  7. Unlike other services, our refunds are precisely calculated to return what you are owed in accepted shares vs. what was advertised.
  8. Backup pools!
  9. Rental channels for any and all active algorithms.
  10. An extremely active network of developers.
  11. Backend proxy system is coded 100% in fast C++.
  12. 99.9% uptime.

List a Rig Pros

  1. Mining rig rental pool
  2. Automatic withdrawals
  3. Free website pool manager.
  4. Hash rate graphs.
  5. 5 backup pools
  6. There is no fee to use the site/service for the miner controls or hash rate graphs.
  7. Accounting system
  8. Our backend system is coded 100% in fast C++.
  9. 99.9% uptime.
  10. Variety of regional backend proxy servers