OXBTC Review

oxbtc review cloud mining review

OXBTC Review

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OXBTC Review Summary

  • ROI(yearly): Will update
  • Mining contract: Deposit account, 30 days, BTC and ETH contracts
  • Payouts: Daily
  • Payment methods: Bitcoin
  • Cost: BTC: $0.189 Gh/s, ETH: $34.9/MHS
  • Minimum investment: Will update
  • Allcloudminers rating: Will update

OXBTC Review Company

OXBTC cloud mining company was founded in October 2014. OXBTX global mining network consists of many partners including ZeusHash. Zeushash was a cloud mining company that shut down and left many investors with big losses including us. OXBTX has three mining farms in Sichian, Ordos and Mongolia. OXBTC has low electricity costs and 5.6 PH/s mining power. OXBTC provides both hashpower and deposit accounts. Also, later they will open a market to trade the hashpower.


OXBTC involves some risk since it´s the same founders as for Zeushash. Zeushash stopped their mining services and launched OXBTC and HalleyBTC instead. HalleyBTC´s approach is much safer since you only invest on short term, 30 or 90 days. OXBTC´s approach with cloudhash investments involves higher risk but also the possibility to higher ROI. OXBTC also offer deposit investments.

OXBTC Support and Stats

You reach OXBTC support by email, Twitter or Facebook. They are pretty fast to answer questions. OXBTC is a quite new company with limited statistics. We started to invest in OXBTC in May 2016. We will update.

Our view on OXBTC

Our view on OXBTC is divided. We think they offer a good product. However, we know they are the same creator as for Zeushash. We did big losses in Zeushash.

OXBTC investment

Cloudhash investment

1.Choose the type and amount of hashrate you want to order;

2. OXBTC allocate the best nodes for you to guarantee high ROI.

3. Check your cloud mining income ANY TIME;

4. You can Trade your hashrates freely on OXBTC market.


Deposit investment

1.Deposit Bitcoin/Litecoin to your OXBTC account;

2.Interests are settled daily from the second day of your deposit;

3.Interests will be added to your principal for a compound calculation;

4.Current deposit can be converted to 30-day fixed deposit.

OXBTC profitability

OXBTC´s profitability with contracts is easy to predict for deposit investments. However, for the cloudhash investment it´s very hard to predict. We have started to invest in their products June 2016 and will update with results.


Deposit account with 0.01 % daily interest

30 days with 8.5 % expected yearly ROI


ETH-MHS 02 (1 year Ethereum cloud mining contracts)

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