Zcash Cloud Mining

zcash cloud mining

Zcash Cloud Mining

Zcash Cloud Mining

Zcash Cloud Mining is now offered by several companies on the cloud mining market. The reason for this is the growing interest in Zcash.

Zcash Cloud Mining Companies

Zcash Cloud Mining is available by Genesis Mining, Hashflare, Nicehash. Genesis Mining was first to offer Zcash Cloud Mining contracts. Genesis Mining offer 1 year Zcash contracts. Hashflare also offer 1 year contracts. Nicehash offer cloud mining renting to market price.

Zcash Cloud Mining Prices

Zcash Cloud Mining prices differ between the companies.

Genesis Mining: $ 28.40 /Hs

Hashflare: $ 32 /Hs

Zcash Contract Profits

We don't have any numbers on Zcash contract profits yet. We will update shortly.


Zcash uses, like Bitcoin, a decentralized network on a public blockchain. Unlike Bitcoin, Zcash offers total payment confidentiality. This is done by shielded transactions to hide the information.

Cloud Mining Reviews

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