Best Bitcoin Cloud Mining 2017

Best Bitcoin Cloud Mining 2017

Nov 30, 2017 • 14:42

Best Bitcoin Cloud Mining 2017

We have tested all cloud mining companies during 2017 and will announce the best one. We have tried to choose only legit cloud mining companies. The main focus will be payouts per contract and contract length. In addition, we will take into account customer support, the number of unexpected problems, changes in terms of the contracts, transparency and so on. Of course, there are two major companies in the cloud mining business Genesis Mining and Hashflare. ViaBTC is out of stock on cloud mining contracts. Many cloud mining operators have increased the hardware price a lot during 2017. See all our cloud mining calculations in PDF format on the front page.

  1. Genesis Mining

    Genesis Mining definitely has the number one position as the best Bitcoin cloud mining 2017. The Bitcoin cloud mining contracts are lifetime and the break-even time during 2017 has been around 150-250 days. Genesis Mining has also kept the transparency of the company. They experienced some delays in a few payouts, that´s all. While other companies changed their terms and got out of stock, Genesis Mining arranged a preorder sale. Read more about Genesis Mining in our Genesis Mining review or go direct to Genesis Mining and buy some contracts. Don´t forget to use our discount code “allcloud” which will give you 3% discount.

  2. Hashflare

    Hashflare has had incredibly good payouts on their Bitcoin cloud mining contracts during 2017. Since they were so good Hashflare run out of stock in late August. Because of this, Hashflare changes the terms of the contracts from lifetime to a 1-year contract and doubled the price. However, they did later reduce the price. Hashflare is a top player in the cloud mining industry and they are a part of the ASIC manufacturer Hashcoins. Read more about Hashflare in our Hashflare review or go directly to Hashflare and buy some contracts. Use our promo code you find on the first page for 4% discount.

  3. ViaBTC

    ViaBTC had a really good ROI in the beginning of 2017 on their Bitcoin cloud mining contracts. However, they got out of stock of cloud mining contract quite early and have never launched any new ones. Read our ViaBTC Review.

  4. Hashing24

    Hashing24 have had a decent ROI throughout 2017. However, they did also run out of contracts. Anyway, they did relaunch the contracts a bit more expensive than earlier. Now they have contracts for sale. Read our Hashing24 review or go directly to Hashing24 to buy some contracts. Don´t forget the discount code on the front page.

  5. Hashnest

    Hashnest has an open market the price changes all the time. They also have fixed price contracts which are limited in risk but also limited in return on investment. Read our Hashnest review or go direct to Hashnest to buy some contracts.

  6. Eobot

    Eobot has always had a very high price on contracts low payouts. They are barely worth mentioning. Read our Eobot review or go directly to Eobot.

Other services

Nicehash and MiningRigRentals were not included in this ranking. We are planning a big review update on Nicehash since they have launched a completely new website. We have not even managed to login to MiningRigRentals for a while so we will wait with this company.

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