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CCG Cloud Mining Review

When searching out a good platform for passive income, investors should take various factors into consideration. Thus, we made a CCG cloud mining review, pinpointing the company’s advantages and disadvantages. In this article, you can expect to find facts regarding cloud mining platform’s background, payment methods, and fees.

We also provide information regarding privacy and registration policies, available plans, and community reviews. Lastly, we constructed a brief profitability analysis, concluding whether CCG is a good place to be in.

About CCG Cloud Mining

Although crypto industry boomed in 2017, CCG platform came about a bit earlier. The company operates since 2016, with its headquarters located in London, U.K. However, as the organization grew, so did its branches, now including six other offices as well. Investors can find them in Poland, Great Britain, Russia, Latvia, Austria, and the Czech Republic.

Regarding the data centers, the main farming operations are in Poland, with pictures and exact locations shown. The hierarchy of the company is classic business-like, with CEO Michal Kwiecinski leading the firm. The general public also knows the rest of the management, which is a plus. Many platforms that are not providing their leaders’ identity turned out to be a scam.

Deposits & Withdrawal Methods CCG

To start off, there are two ways to purchase contracts at CCG is through either bitcoin payment or Payeer. Payeer, being an online mass-payout system, is available throughout the globe but is also not as popular as other solutions, such as PayPal. Credit card payment is not available, meaning that instant solution is not exactly available at CCG.

However, most of the other platforms offer similar channels, using crypto to earn back cryptos. Withdrawals, on the other hand, are bitcoins and altcoins you purchased mining rights for. Thus, having a secure wallet address, like in any other cloud mining platform, is a must.

CCG Cloud Mining Registration

As with many other platforms, registration at CCG is quite easy and straightforward. You provide limited personal information, including your first and last name, email address, and set a password. You can also use social media profiles to create an account at the cloud mining platform. We would advise providing your real first and last name, in case you face issues that need support teams’ addressing.

CCG Cloud Mining Privacy

Although you do provide some personal data about yourself, there are no documents involved with the cloud mining programs. You only need to verify your email and all contracts are available to you, as an investor.

The current AML/KYC policies allow the company to reassess information about any user to prevent illicit activities. This means that platform, like any other in the market, may ask for your scanned ID in the future. However, very rarely did CCG opt for the option so far.

CCG Cloud Mining Contracts








$10.99 – 100 GH/s

$45.99 – 400 GH/s

$1,990.99 – 25,000 GH/s

Bitcoin Cash

$17.29 – 100 GH/s

$49.99 – 400 GH/s

$2,959.99 – 25,000 GH/s


$13.89 – 1 MH/s

$410.00 – 30 MH/s

1,340.00 – 100 MH/s


$27.99 – 20 H/s

$349.99 – 250 HS/s

$3,700.00 – 2,600 H/s








$34.99 – 20 H/s

$425.99 – 250 HS/s

$4,389.99 – 2,600 H/s


$46.99 – 60 H/s

$769.99 – 1,000 H/s

$2,279.99 – 3,000 H/s


$25.99 – MH/s

$616.99 – 50 MH/s

$2,279.99 – 200 MH/s








$12.99 – 100 GH/s

$49.99 – 400 GH/s

$1,659.99 – 15,000 GH/s

Bitcoin Cash

$24.99 – 100 GH/s

$82.99 – 400 GH/s

$2,979.99 – 15,000 GH/s

Currently, users have quite a choice of cloud mining contracts at CCG. Apart from bitcoin cloud mining plans, clients can purchase programs denominate din Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Ethereum (ETH), Zcash, Monero, and Litecoin (LTC).

You have the chance to choose between a yearly plan or a program that has no dates set. As seen at the website, indefinite contracts are a bit more expensive, since clients could hedge against dropping prices. Indefinite cloud mining contract is quite lucrative at times when the bull run occurs in the crypto market.

CCG is also one of those platforms that provide customized solutions for their clients, much like Hashflare. Investors can set their own desired hash power, depending on the set budget. On the pricing level, the platform provides industry average, including maintenance fee of $0.00017 per 1 GH/S. It is not exactly a free cloud mining program but also not the most expensive out there right now. Below is pricing strategy per coin for your reference.

We do need to point out that the above data can change quite quickly and is there only for your reference. Platforms mine and buy/sell cryptos on their own, often changing rates according to the market trends.

CCG Mining Calculations

This section offers an overview of how profitable BTC contracts are at CCG. We took the price from CoinMarketCap, difficulty from, while daily returns came from CoinWarz. Thus, it is important to understand that price and returns below may not necessarily happen when the contract is actually purchased. Moreover, cloud mining services are known to provide a bit lower returns. The profit table below reflects thus ideal market situation.

in USD

1 Year Contract


Investment Plan (PRO)



Maintenance Fee






BTC Price (market avg.)



Chosen Power per TH/s



Overall Investment




Daily Mining (in BTC)



Daily Revenue



Daily Costs



Daily Profit











ROI per year



Unfortunately, it seems that current market trends work against cloud mining contracts at CCG. Transaction fees are too high for the profitable endeavor. However, the maintenance fees are average compared to other platforms. These include Genesis Mining ($0.14 per TH/s), Hashing24 ($0.17 per TH/s), Hashnest ($0.35 per TH/s). Thus, it is important to understand that other players in the industry suffer as well.

Looking at the “profit calculator” page at CCG, it seems that their calculations are a bit off the real market situation.

CCG Cloud Mining User Reviews

So far, reviews are a mix of positive and negative opinions, with several users reporting the lack of payments for the company. However, most of the complaints come from unprofitable contracts at the time of bear trend. Thus, it stands that the company should work on its maintenance fees to keep returns on the positive line.

Pros and Cons CCG cloud mining


– Several cryptocurrencies available for cloud mining

– Existence of indefinite contracts

– Possibility to deposit fiats


– High maintenance fees for plans

– Lack of customizable hash power plans

– Indefinite contracts more expensive than yearly ones

Conclusion CCG Cloud Mining Review

In this CCG cloud mining review, we went over the platform in terms of its profitability attractiveness and programs it offers. So far, it is on the market average in terms of returns. However, due to the prolonged bear trend, investing in cloud contracts at CCG mining would prove to be unprofitable.

Additionally, CCG is a company that operates under the U.K. regulations but is far from being the best cloud mining site. Some of the user complaints do provide information about the positives and negatives of the company. In the need, it is on par with the industry, neither overly positive nor negative.

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