Cloud Mining Claculator October 2017

Cloud Mining Calculator 2017

Nov 30, 2017 • 14:42

Cloud Mining Calculator October 2017

A cloud mining calculator for October 2017 is presented. All available contracts from Genesis Mining and Hashflare are included. Those include Bitcoin, Dash, Ethereum, Litecoin, Zcash and Monero cloud mining contracts. The current best available cloud mining contract is Hashflare Bitcoin SHA256 1year cloud mining contracts. The overall best cloud mining contract is Genesis Mining Bitcoin SHA 256 cloud mining contract. However, those are out of stock. Zcash and Monero 2 years contract are the best current contracts that also are available at Genesis Mining. Go to Genesis Mining and buy some cloud mining contracts or read or Genesis Mining review.

Bitcoin Best Cloud Mining October 2017

As stated above, Bitcoin is the best current cloud mining contract. Genesis Mining has the longest lifetime, best price (actually same as Hashflare), lowest maintenance fee and the highest payout. Go to Hashflare and but Bitcoin cloud mining contracts or read our Hashflare review and find a 4% discount code.

Litecoin Cloud Mining Oct 2017

Litecoin, or Scrypt, has the second shortest break-even time after Bitcoin. However, at Genesis Mining those contracts are out of stock and at Hashflare they only run for 1 year. Therefore, those contracts should be compared to Genesis Mining Zcash and Monero cloud mining contracts that also has a decent break-even time and run for 2 years. Read more below.

Zcash and Monero cloud mining Oct 2017

Both Zcash and Monero(Genesis Mining) cloud mining contract runs for 2 years and has a current break-even time of around 460 days.

Genesis Mining vs Hashflare

All Hashflare contracts is running for only 1 year. Genesis Mining cloud mining contracts are 2 years but for Bitcoin is the contract running as long as profitable, also called lifetime contract.

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All Calculations in PDF

Here you find all calculations for Cloud Mining Calculator October 2017.

Cloud mining calculator October 2017

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