Coin Mining Central Review

Coin Mining Central Review

About Coin Mining Central

In this CoinMiningCentral review, we talk about cryptocurrency mining equipment and how profitable crypto mining platform’s portfolio is. Firstly, we delve deeper into the company’s background, followed by available deposit methods. Then, we provide a list of bitcoin mining hardware and a profit calculator based on devices’ specifications.

Finally, we investigate shipping information, support channels, and the availability of bulk deals. The main aim is to construct pros and cons of Coin Mining Central, to accurately benchmark it against its competitors.

About Coin Mining Central

Very little is known about the company, except for the fact that its headquarters are in the U.K. More specifically, office location is in Hertfordshire, leaving customers an option to visit and purchase equipment on-site. However, it does not mean that the business is illegitimate, as reviews in different forums show.

It is important to notice that the site does not have its own crypto mining pool. The company is strictly a hardware seller, providing mining rigs to those interested in (mostly) bitcoin mining. You buy the equipment, open up an account at the pool of your choice, and use the ASIC miners to gain bitcoins. Coin Mining Central does not offer bitcoin mining software, as it is specialized as hardware dealer only.

Deposit Methods

When it comes to payment methods, buying your first bitcoin mining farm should have several options left open. CoinMiningCentral does exactly that, as it offers three channels of deposit. Users have the ability to purchase mining equipment with credit cards, PayPal, Bitcoin, and Ethereum. For instant options, we recommend using a credit card or PayPal, while cheaper solutions are bank transfers.

However, it is important to notice that price changes every so often if users decide to purchase cards with cryptos. The price is very volatile, meaning that you have a specific amount of time before you can complete the payment. Thus, choose your rig beforehand so you do not waste time while searching for the right equipment.

Additionally, although credit cards from around the globe work wonderfully, you have to account for GBP conversion. The company is U.K. based, meaning that USD and EUR payments would first convert into GBP. Thus, it constitutes additional costs for investors that do not hold GBP in their bank accounts.

Mining Equipment & Calculator

Before we commence the profit calculator, there are few factors that buyers need to take into account. In case you wish to buy equipment with fiat deposits, account for GBP conversion rate. Additionally, bank and PayPal fees need to be part of your calculations, if you decide to opt for faster payment options. Finally, customers are different from country to country, meaning that you should investigate these costs as well before the purchase.

CoinMinnigCentral has a good range of devices available when it comes to ASIC (bitcoin) mining. You have these companies available to purchase equipment from:

– Bitmain

– Baikal Miner

– Ebang


– Innosilicon

– MicroBT

– Spondoolies

We took several devices for your reference, as to help you determine which card is the most profitable to use. Naturally, mining rigs are the best option but require quite large investments from your part. Our mining calculator takes into account the next factors:

– equipment’s value

– max hash power

– crypto mining difficulty

– crypto price

– electricity expenditure

– average conversion rate GBP to USD

Now, we compare the profitability of three gigs for bitcoin mining in a table below.


Antminer S9J







Hash Rate

14.5 TH/s

55 TH/s

14 TH/s






Bitcoin’s Price



Average US Elc. Cost

12 cent per KW/h


Mined Bitcoin (daily)




Mining Revenue




Electricity Cost (US)









Unfortunately, the current price of equipment may not be sufficient for US customers, due to the high electricity costs. With lower energy fees, mining would be profitable, depending on the costs level. Additionally, it is essential to understand that a larger number of miners can considerably bring down the price.

Lastly, we do need to bring your attention to the importance of cooling your equipment. Although cheaper, such devices can deteriorate at a faster rate if fans are not available or are not stored in an adequate environment. Make sure you get space prepared for your mining, as to increase the duration of your bought crypto mining equipment.

Any Bulk Deals?

At this point, it is quite possible to get a good deal if you decide to purchase larger quantities than rigs available. The “smaller” sized built deals offer 12 cards as an individual rig, providing clients with about 10% discount. However, be warned that “rigs” are available for GPU mining equipment, not ASIC.

For larger ASIC miner quantities, you can earn even bigger discounts. However, you should contact the company’s representatives directly to get the information. Depending on your location, investment size, and other details, bulk deal pricing may vary. 

Shipping Information

What makes Coin Mining Central an interesting choice for creating your first crypto mining farm is its worldwide shipping. No matter where you live, you can track down crypto mining cards you want and order them online. However, shipping period might take time for regions that are further away from Europe.

EU and other European countries usually wait for a week to get their products. Additionally, if you are based in EU, it is possible to bypass customs altogether. However, investors outside of the EU-zone should account for fees above the price tag.

Another important aspect of your bitcoin mine gig is the warranty on all products. Starting from the day of shipment, customers have a 180-day guarantee. This particular rule dictates that, if the equipment is handled as prescribed, you can have your money back should you encounter issues. However, keep an eye on “Warranty” page. It provides a detailed description of what goes under the guaranteed refund and what not.

Support & Inquiries

CoinMiningCentral, apart from the direct email support, also employs live chat. This is quite an important function for a platform that sells complex gods, such as mining rigs. The live chat feature offers potential customers to inquire about cards while complaints can be taken care off immediately.

Pros and Cons


– several payment options available, including PayPal

– adequate portfolio of mining rigs

– possibility to acquire bulk others and discounts

– shipping available worldwide, EU custom-free


– conversion to GBP adds more costs

– shipping outside of Europe might take a long time to finalize

– buyers need to join mining pool on their own

Conclusion Coin Mining Central

In this CoinMiningCentral review, we investigated how good the company is in terms of its portfolio. Although you have a wide range of equipment to choose from, GPU mining is somewhat scarce. The price tag might be high as well but we see it as a premium charge since the company provides long-term guarantees on its equipment.

However, U.S. customers might have a hard time earning profits due to high electricity costs. Outside of the U.S., especially in regions that have low energy fees, profit is quite reachable.

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