Different cloud mining contracts

Different Cloud Mining Contract

Nov 30, 2017 • 14:42

Different Cloud Mining contracts

There are different cloud mining contracts. There are lifetime contracts and limited time cloud mining contracts. Limited time is usually 1-year or 2 years. Lifetime contracts run as long as they are profitable.

Lifetime cloud mining contracts

Lifetime cloud mining contracts are usually sold for Bitcoin cloud mining or SHA 256. The lifetime contracts are not actually lifetime since they only run for a limited time. But the time is not predetermined and because of this, they are called lifetime contracts. Lifetime contracts usually come with a maintenance fee. When the maintenance fee is higher than the income from the cloud mining contract, the contract is shut down and the lifetime is over.

Limited time cloud mining contracts

Limited time cloud mining contracts are usually sold for altcoin cloud mining. These could be for Ether, Dash, Monero or Zcash cloud mining. The contracts usually run for 1 or 2 years and there is usually no maintenance fee. The contracts are shut down when the time period is over.

Maintenance fee cloud mining

Maintenance fee for cloud mining usually applies to lifetime contracts. The maintenance fee is different from contracts bought at different times. This is because the mining farm is continuously updated with more efficient mining equipment and the maintenance fee is reduced. 1MH/s is always comparable to 1MH/s. However, the maintenance fee must always be considered when cloud mining contracts are compared.


Best cloud mining contracts 2017

Best cloud mining contracts 2017 were identified in our last blog post. We compared Genesis Mining, Hashflare, ViaBTC and Hashing24. The best provider 2017-04-03 of Bitcoin cloud mining contracts, Scrypt cloud mining contracts, Dash cloud mining contracts and Ether cloud mining is presented below.

Best cloud mining contract 2017

Bitcoin cloud mining: ViaBTC

Scrypt cloud mining: Hashflare

Dash cloud mining: Genesis Mining

Ether cloud mining: Genesis Mining (discount code: allcloud)

Renting Cloud Mining

Nicehash and Mining Rig Rentals provide a service where you can rent cloud mining contracts for a specific time.

Nicehash Review

Mining Rig Rentals Review

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