Gainbitcoin Scam

Gainbitcoin Scam?

Nov 30, 2017 • 14:42

Gainbitcoin Scam?

Gainbitcoin is probably a scam. We wouldn’t recommend anyone to invest in this company. We have tried to invest but we don´t receive any payouts. In the customer area, we tried to make a refund and we did provide all information. However, the support kept asking for information until they finally canceled it. After this, we haven’t heard anything. Gainbitcoin also promises profits no other legit cloud mining company is close to being able to payout. They are mentioned as a scam company in the Coinjournal.

Gainbitcoin payouts

We hasn’t received any payout at all from Gainbitcoin. The site is very slow and hard to navigate. Gainbitcoin support is very hard to get any answers from at all.


Cloud mining Ponzi schemes

Unfortunately, the cloud mining business is perfect for Ponzi schemes. Read more about cloud mining Ponzi schemes in our linked blog post.


Legit Cloud Mining 2017

Legit cloud mining companies in 2017 we claim are Genesis Mining, Hashflare, ViaBTC and Mining24. Read our reviews and compare our calculations. Remember that any company can go bankrupt as KNCminer or MiningSweden. Cloud mining is a very competitive market.

Genesis Mining Review

Buy Contract at Genesis Mining with promo code “allcloud”

Hashflare Review

Buy contracts at Hashflare

ViaBTC Review

Buy Contracts at ViaBTC

Hashing24 Review

Buy contracts at Hashing 24


Alternative Cryptocurrency investments

Alternative cryptocurrency investments to cloud mining are peer-to-peer, peer-to-business and margin lending. There are some peer-to-peer companies like BTCjam and Loanbase. However, the idea is new and we haven´t experienced stable ROI yet with these companies. We recommend Bitfinex for margin funding and Bitbond for peer-to-business lending. Payouts from Bitfinex margin lending varies but around 10 % yearly ROI is achievable. Bitbond is also quite new company and we recommend to start with small volumes.

Bitfinex for margin lending

BitBond for peer-to-business lending

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