Hashocean Offline

Hashocean Offline

Nov 30, 2017 • 14:42

Hashocean offline

It seems that Hashocean´s site is offline. Is this the end of another Cloud mining Ponzi Scheme? Unfortunately probably. We have emailed Hashocean for an explanation and we will update our blog if we receive any answer.


Hashocean Ponzi scheme

Righ now it looks exactly the same as all other Ponzi schemes we have experienced in the cloud mining business. The site is down with no message. Please comment if you miss your payments in our comments field also. The timing for a cloud mining scam to stop operating is perfect. The normal uptime is about 1-1.5 years.


Hashocean scam or legit

We have always been sceptic about the legitimacy of this company. We have published Hashocean in our doubtful list of cloud mining companies.


Hashocean cloud mining company

We know many cloud mining review sites have ranked this company as very trustful. We have also seen several ranking sites have them as their top cloud mining company. We don´t know for sure yet that this is the end of the company. However, according to our experience, it´s high probability that this is the end of the biggest cloud mining scam so far. We hope you have followed our recommendations and didn´t invest more than your returns. We will always try to rank our cloud mining companies after our experience and not after our affiliate commission.


Hashocean updates

We will update this article and our review site for the news we receive from the company. If you have any news from the company, please email us or comment below.

Allcloudminers: [email protected]


Is all cloud mining scam?

We believe not all cloud mining is a scam. We have listed some cloud mining companies that are very transparent with their information about the company.

We recommend Genesis Mining SHA-256 contracts right now. OurGenesis mining Promo code is “allcloud” to get 3% discount. Read our review before you invest, Genesis Mining Review. It´s hard to predict the cloud mining business before the bitcoin halving.

Obviously, even if the company is legit it can still fail. This was the case with MiningSweden.


Alternative investments

Check these links for alternative investments with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

BTCjam for peer-to-peer lending

Bitbond for peer-to-peer lending

With Bleutrade you can buy Bleutrade shares on their exchange and receive dividends twice a day.

Bitfinex for margin funding.


Hashocean offline updates

Hashocean is still offline and emails to [email protected] are bounced back.

Many different people say they represent Hashocean on communities right now. Don´t believe them. Don´t send them money to get refunds.


Cointelegraph writes an article about how hackers try to track Hashocean.

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