New Cloud Mining Calculation

New Cloud Mining Calculation

Nov 30, 2017 • 14:42

New Cloud Mining Calculation

Allcloudminers have done a new cloud mining calculation. We now compare our top four mining companies. All calculations are done on payouts and prices 2017-01-11.

Cloud Mining Calculation

We publish all our top four cloud mining providers. We present all calculations as the number of days to break even.

 Genesis MiningHashflareViaBTCHashing24
SHA 256 Ths390436361402
X 11896829 – –
Ether991653 – –
Scrypt625 – –
Zcash26065098 – –

Table: All cloud mining profits are presented as how many days it would take to break even (receive payouts that correspond to the contract cost). Also, all maintenance costs are included.

ViaBTC Bitcoin Cloud Mining

ViaBTC has the best Bitcoin cloud mining contracts. However, the Bitcoin cloud mining contracts don’t differ so much from each other.

ViaBTC cloud mining review

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Genesis Mining Cloud Mining Calculator

At the moment you shouldn´t buy any other contract other than the Bitcoin cloud mining contract according to the table. We also present historic payouts in our review and other blog posts.

Genesis Mining Review

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Hashflare Cloud Mining Calculator

Hashflare cloud mining calculator is published in the table as well. From the table, it´s possible to extract that the only contract worth to invest in right now is the Bitcoin SHA 256 contract. The other contracts might be worth investing if you believe in a price increase. However, in that case, you might want to buy the coin instead of a cloud mining contract.

Hashflare Review

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Risks with Bitcoin Cloud Mining 2017

The risks with Bitcoin cloud mining 2017 are the price, China, and scalability of the network. The price has been very volatile the last month. The price has a big influence on cloud mining payouts. China has announced they plan to investigate exchanges. This may impact the trading volume and have already impacted the Bitcoin price. Also, there are problems to scale the Bitcoin network. We will see the outcome of this but for now, this is an uncertain factor.

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